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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of booking a function at Victoria Bowling Club

To secure the Hall booking a payment of $250 is required to be paid A.S.A.P.

Provided that the kitchen and hall are left clean and tidy and all items accounted for, a $50.00 refund will be direct credited.
NOTE: The Hirer must supply Bank BSB Number and Account Number.

PLEASE NOTE: All drinks must be purchased at the bar. It is illegal to bring alcohol or soft drinks into a licensed premises.
Hirers must supply own tea towels and consumables such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc.
Decorations are the responsibility of the Hirer.

During the Green Bowls Season (Late September through to March) on Saturdays the kitchen is not available until 4.00 p.m. The Reception area is available from 5.00 p.m. on Saturdays or earlier by special arrangement.

The Liquor Licensing Commission does not allow the Victoria Bowling Club name to be used as the venue for a function in any public advertisements.

Permits are granted on the basis of “Invited Guests” only attending any function.

Smoking and the Law

The policy of the Victoria Bowling Club in regard to smoking is as follows.

From the 01/07/07 the entire clubhouse will be smoke free to comply with State legislation.

As a hirer of this venue it is your duty to see that your guests comply with these laws and rules.

Thank you for your cooperation

If you are using outside caterers, or, doing your own catering. Please supply tea towels, table cloths, tea, coffee, sugar and milk. Thank you.

No Confetti or glitter to be used in the Club at any time.

Damage to Club Property

Please note that in the event of any damage being caused to property of the Victoria Bowling Club Inc. as a result of misuse or vandalism during the hiring period, The Hirer shall be responsible.

Cost of replacements, repairs or special cleaning fees shall be borne by the Hirer.

House Policy

As part of the Club’s Self Regulatory Licensing Policy, this Club advocates the Responsible Serving of Alcohol to members and patrons.


  1.  It is illegal to serve a person who is drunk.
    We rely on you in this regard. We do not wish to offend. To serve a person who is drunk is against the law. Staff should advise a member of Committee who will take appropriate action.
  2.  It is illegal to allow a person who is drunk to remain on the premises.
    Again a Member of Committee should be consulted before any action is taken in this regard. Discretion is paramount.
  3.  It is illegal to allow a quarrelsome person to remain on the premises.
    Other members and patrons have the right to enjoy themselves without fear for their safety or comfort. As always, consult a Member of Committee prior to taking action and do nothing to further aggravate the situation. Remember, aggression breeds aggression. All such incidents should be reported to the General Committee.
  4.  It is illegal to serve alcohol outside the hours of the Licence.
    Members and patrons are allowed thirty minutes to finish their drinks following the close of trade. No service is to take place during this period.
  5.  It is illegal to serve persons who are under 18 years old.
    There are only five acceptable proof of age documents:
    (a) Drivers licence-may be interstate Licence. Always check the date of birth.
    (b) Victorian Learners Permit.
    (c) Australian Passport.
    (d) Proof of Age Card.
    (e) Commonwealth Key Pass Card.
    Note: Birth Certificates, Student Cards, and Statutory Declarations are not acceptable proof of age.
  6.  Our Liquor License does not permit the consumption of alcohol outside the Red line shown on the site plan provided.
    Which means No Alcohol Outside in the carpark and surrounds.

This Club values its members and patrons.
Accordingly, we look after them and actively discourage drunkenness.
We insist that members and patrons adhere to this house policy.

Download a copy of the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.