Club Tournaments 2023-24

Australia Day Fours
January 26, 2024

42nd Gold Nugget Fours
Sunday 25th February, 2024 – 9.00am start

Thursday Triples
Thursdays (1:00pm start) – Contact Robert Chapman or Val Wilkens for a game

Select Friday nights during daylight savings (approximately 6:00pm start)
One bowl – One Winner!
• Each entrant goes into a random draw
• Each bowler has one bowl only
• Each rink is set up with a set mat and jack position
• A round is made up of two players going head to head with one bowl only.
• Flip a coin to determine who goes first
• Closest to the jack moves on to the next round, the other player is knocked out
• We work through the rounds until one player has knocked out every challenger who comes before them. The MEGA CHAMP! The MEGA CHAMP takes home a cash prize determined by the number of entrants on the night.

We hope this can be a staple of our Friday nights at the club during daylight savings. We reckon it’s going to be a ripper!