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Going For Gold – Tim Slater

Congratulations Tim on being selected in the Australians With Disabilities Team (AWD) for the next Commonwealth Games in 2014.

TIM: Thanks Groucho. I was rapt.

GROUCHO: I bet it was a thrill to practice with one of your idols in Mark Casey who you are pictured with here and Mathew Flapper.

TIM: Yeah it was. I still keep in touch with him which is really good.

GROUCHO: What was the best tip he gave you while you were training over in Scotland.

TIM: Always be up to the head and just enjoy the game.

GROUCHO: When did you start playing bowls?

TIM: I started playing at the age of 13 with my father out at Waubra then came to Victoria last year in the 2012 season.

GROUCHO: Gee, maybe I should have taken bowls up then rather than falling out of trees and off motor bikes and feeling like I do now.

Being born with Cerebral Palsy hasn’t really stopped you getting on with your life.

TIM: No I can pretty much do most things which is great.

GROUCHO: So you go to Ballarat Uni?

TIM: Yeah, I am studying Counselling.

GROUCHO: Wow. That line of work is going to come in handy here at Victoria. You could set up an office right here and get plenty of work as there are a few blokes here that need a bit of help.

Have you got a girlfriend at the moment?

TIM: No, I haven’t. I am putting all my focus into studying and plenty of practice out on the green which is looking very good at the moment.

GROUCHO: Well congratulations once again mate and best of luck in the coming season.

TIM: Thanks Groucho. I look forward to playing with you this season seeing you are a legend around here.

GROUCHO: I know mate, thanks.

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