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BDBD Pennant has a new leader with Victoria moving to top spot

A vital win for Victoria’s Premier Bowls team has sent it to the top of the ladder and given Ballarat Memorial Sports a wake-up call heading into the final weeks of the Ballarat District Bowling Division premier competition.

The 14-2 victory came on the back of a stunning comeback from Noel Verlinden’s Team 1, which was 8-0 down after just two ends. The team managed to turn that around to pull away to a strong win 28-17 win.

With Team 3, skippered by Wayne Lynch also pulling away to a strong 25-11 win, it was a big day Victoria with a 70-46 shot win.

Verlinden said it was a day that would give the side a lot of confidence going forward. “Somehow we managed to turn my rink around,” he said.

“It’s been a good four weeks in a row, and has really given us some momentum.”


PREMIER DIVISION LADDER (after 10 rounds):

VICTORIA 120, BMS 116, SEBASTOPOL 108, BALLARAT 106, Linton 80, Creswick 76, Learmonth 69, Mount Xavier 45, Webbcona 43, Buninyong 37

PREMIER RESULTS: Victoria 70 (14) def BMS 46 (2) Kane Silbereisen, Darren Britt, Barry Clark, Noel Verlinden 28 def Adam McLean, David Schreenan, Beau Traill, Michael Storey 17. Daniel Vagg, Lindsay Trounce, David Berry, Ryan Bedggood 18 def Brett Harrison, Marc Oswin, Sunni Haynes, Shaun Clark 17. Shaun O’Loughlin, Paul Tudorovic, Craig Ford, Wayne Lynch 25 def Keith Urch, Robert Dickinson, Cameron Bryce, Philip Clamp 11

Creswick 60 (13) def Webbcona 50 (3) Dusty Taylor-Irwin, Michael Booth, Alan Annear Travis Hedger 26 def Frank Clarke, Harold Worsley, Nathan Mahoney, Leah McArthur 15. Trevor Booth, Dean Cooper, Jarrod Matthews, Gerry Flapper 13 drew Wayne Pattie, Alistair Van der Ploeg, Chris Steenhuis, Barry McArthur 13. Ross Brown, David Anderton, Matthew Collins, Anthony Lange 22 def Rebecca Cooper, Geoff Antonio, Todd Blackburn, Stephen Hepworth 21

Sebastopol 82 (14) def Mount Xavier 46 (2) William Matthews, Tim Beacham, Paul Lovell, Ian Warner 25 def Ray Bellingham, Lynden Henderson, Paul Forrest, Phillip McGrath 14. Irene Ritchie, Neil Dart, Stacey Forrest, Chris McDonald 27 def Fred Reus, Shayne Bottrell, Alan Jones, Glenn Sargent 24. Stephen Topp, Noel Sutherland, John Garvin, Murray Gannon 33 def Pat Moran, Malcolm Sargent, Kevin McKeegan, Daryl Lamb 5

Ballarat 58 (14) def Linton 57 (2) Matthew Cornish, Greg Stewart, Tony Wood, Aaron Wood 24 def Glenn Landers, Timothy Wilson, Brendan Vandenberg, Craig Grenfell 15. Taylor Stewart, Grant Bourke, Andrew Dalgleish, Zac Stewart 20 def Ray Wilson, Nick Pearce, Rodney Hetherington, Peter Wilson 17. Stewart Williams, Danny Pridham, Craig Williams, Brendan Williams 25 def David Eastman, Mark Fothergill, Lindsay Annear, Wes Lennecke 14.

Buninyong 63 (16) def Learmonth 34 (0). John Beames, Norman Hand, Ian Voigt, Graeme Nicholson 20 def Jake Mullane, Chris Powell, Friedrich Lennecke, Brendan Pym 15. Ian McGregor, Kenneth Sergeant, Bryan Spencer, Peter Aldred 21 def Gregory Ross, Gary Moy, Michael Casey, Ross Powell 11. Manfred Weil, John Nunn, Wayne Morgan, Brian Wilcock 22 def Paul Beechey, Timothy Griffin, Craig Findlay, William Rowe 8.

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