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A great season for Victoria in the BDBD Tuesday Pennant

In division one action, Victoria was way too strong for Daylesford, claiming a 28-shot win, 63-35.

Each rink scored 21 for Victoria and managed to win by 11, 11 and six shots respectively.

The rink skippered by Alan Dennis enjoyed a win in the closest battle of the game, 21-15.

The rinks skippered by Richard Haddrick and Noel Verlinden enjoyed 11-shot victories, 21-10.

Victoria claimed the division four title over Ballarat North with an 11-shot win, 47-36.

It claimed the first rink in a tight battle with a one-shot victory, 21-20.

That rink was skippered by Albert Reus.

It was then able to pull away in the second rink with a 10-shot win, 26-16.

That rink was skippered by Vicki Chapman.

DAYLESFORD 35 lt VICTORIA 63: Wendy Goodwin, Liz Wigmore, Steve Stupauski, Maureen Tate 10 lt Donna Leeson, Peter Hawkins, Helene Stenning, Noel Verlinden 21; Rod Poxon, Marg Coffey, Kevin Gibson, Rose Marshall 15 lt Alexe Hamilton, George Pyke, Debbie (deb) Gorin, Alan Dennis 21; Eve Young, Gerald Coffey, Anne Bremner, Dot Bull 10 lt Jill Hopper, Robert Chapman, Brenda Hughes, Richard Haddrick 21.

BALLARAT NORTH 36 lt VICTORIA 47: Jackie Metcalf, Allan Webster, Carol Taylor, Ken Taylor 20 lt Carole Bellingham, John Ferris, Pauline David, Albert Reus 21; Kaye Trotter, Heather Newman, Olive Gunnell, Dennis Radisich 16 lt Ron Saw, Rhonda Chapman, Graeme Buchanan, Vicki Chapman 26.

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