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Micah Oswin takes out Ballarat’s Ken Gullock Junior Singles

Ballarat Indoor Bias Bowls Association – Ballarat’s Ken Gullock Junior Singles

The Ken Gullock Junior Singles was held on Monday afternoon at the Webbcona Bowls Club. There were only four entries this year between Kip Baker (0 Wins), Archie Baker (1 Win), Micah Oswin (2 Wins) and Oscar Jones (2 Wins).

The final saw Micah start well with 4 shots being scored on the first two ends. Oscar came back scoring 11 shots over the next six ends. After both players scoring a single each for the next two ends, Micah started to take charge to level the score at 12-all on the 13th end. On the 14th end Oscar scored a three to lead 15-12. The next end saw some great bowls from both players with the shot going back and forth but Micah scored a 2 on the 15th end setting up an exciting final end.

Micah drew close with his first bowl putting immediate pressure on Oscar. Then with his final bowl drawing a second shot to hold match. With his last bowl Oscar tried to shift the jack over to his bowls but was a fraction overweight and missed the shot. It was a terrific game of singles with the jack constantly being moved and some excellent conversion shots being played.

Both boys will be competing for the Victorian Junior Singles to be held at Warrnambool on Sunday, May 28 and the Ballarat Association wishes them all the best.

Micah played his first game at the Nationals last year in Devonport after coming runner-up to Oscar in the State Juniors last year.

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